Most Popular Nintendo Wii ROM Games

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Nintendo Wii

Few consoles have caused such a stir as the Nintendo Wii, which came out in 2006. This was yet another revolutionary product for Nintendo. Finally, gamers could enjoy a wireless experience. The Wii ushered in the era of motion-based games.

Today, you can still play all of those timeless hits, even without the console. Rediscover the best party titles with, the safest collection of nintendo wii roms on the Internet. Play your favorite games on a laptop, PC, or smartphone, anytime, anywhere. All the emulators are also free! Check out the top titles:


1.  Wii Sports

For many people, this game is synonymous with the console. This was a simple yet powerful and fun collection of mini-games. You could choose between tennis, bowling, golf, baseball, and boxing. Players competed against each other or the machine. The gameplay is largely intuitive — any beginner can learn to play in seconds. Wii Sports is officially the fourth video game bestseller of all time.


2.  Wii Sports Resort

With this upgrade, the range of sports was expanded. Players could now choose from 12 different activities, all vacation-themed. The options included sword fights, basketball, and archery. Both the Wiimote (Wii Remote) and Nunchuk were used for full effect.


3.  Wii Party

This action-packed marvel included 80 various activities playable a la carte. You could also choose organized modes like “Board Game Island” or “Globe Trot.” Some of the titles are game show activities that can be enjoyed with friends. Others, such as “Balance Boat,” are for a single player.


4.  Animal Crossing: City Folk

Today, this franchise is a household name, and it is adored by fans worldwide. The charming human-like animals and weird simulation were a smashing hit in 2008. The concept was novel — players could build a fantasy life among the creatures. This installment has all the key features and characters of the series, such as the raccoon dog and the shop owner.

In this captivating world, seasons change in real-time based on the internal clock. Using motion controls, you can complete various tasks like fishing or chopping wood. The game also features some extraordinary goals, such as paying off a mortgage!


5.  Super Mario Galaxy 2

Mario is the face of Nintendo. The sequel to the wildly popular Galaxy was praised by critics and users alike. Almost every reviewer around the world gave it an excellent score. The game is much better than its predecessor, with a more interesting design of levels, enhanced pacing, and more difficult challenges.

Players were impressed with the array of new power-ups and some unconventional extras. For example, Light Yoshi was now able to reveal invisible platforms. Developers had also resolved some of the few issues of the original, so Galaxy 2 came with upgraded camera control and cooperation potential.


6.  The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess

One of the best chapters in this long-lived franchise, Twilight Princess is significantly darker than the earlier installments. Link must save Hyrule once again — this time from being devoured by an evil parallel dimension called the Twilight Realm. The character gained some new transformative abilities and the pace of gameplay is slightly different. At the same time, this is one of the most conservative titles in the series.


Try These ROMs Today!

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Begin with these smashing hits and discover hundreds of other fascinating games in online collections. Be careful, though — some libraries are packed with viruses. Visit only reputable sites to have peace of mind.


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