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If you’ve got a free evening coming up and are planning on trying your luck at the online casino UK, maximize your chance of winning by picking out the games with the best success rate. Being a great source of fun, online casino games are a great way to let off steam and hopefully bring home some extra money to show for it. Although they are games of chance, here are the best five games to try if you want to maximize your chance of winning so you can pick tactically if you are in it to win it.


1. Blackjack

In comparison to games like poker, card games are more profitable than other games of chance because you can work on your tactic. Blackjack has the largest pay out percentage of all casino games, not only being easy to learn, but having good odds of success. Since you are only playing against the dealer, you do not have to rely on other competitors to partake and since nobody else is involved, there is no competition to worry about. By doing plenty of practice or researching the little tips and tricks you can use, you can use to increase your chances of winning even further.



This dice game is best off played online and requires other players to be involved. Although you do not play directly against each other, you will need to estimate when the other players are throwing the dice. Craps is a popular game in America but is slowly taking over Europe, having more rules than other games which could seem intimidating, but once you get into it, it’s an easy game to play.


3. Bingo

Online bingo is one of the more versatile games which is great for both solo play as well as being a social activity, being loved by all age groups. Since the numbers are generated electronically, there are no tactics involved, but to maximise the chance of winning, tricks like playing at quieter times of the day and having more entries can boost the odds of winning.


4. Roulette

Being very simple to play, roulette is a good game for beginners as it can be an easy one to win. Since the roulette wheel has an equal number of red and black squares, your chance of winning is 50-50 and if you win you get double the amount of money you placed on the bet back. To maximise your take home, you can also bet on certain numbers, but this means the chance of winning is smaller. If you are a regular roulette player, there are certain roulette tactics that can increase your chances of winning if you know how.


5. Slot machines

Offering complete versatility since you can place as much or as little on the slot machine, they are perfect for the less serious gambler. Online slots have a greater chance of winning than in physical casinos and there are more websites to choose from, each offering different pay out options. Unlike many casino games, you are dependent on the game itself but have no influence on the results when you play.

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