Mountain Dew Kick Off The Halloween Season With VooDew

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Halloween season is starting, The stores are starting to sell Halloween decorations. So to mark the spooky season, a new flavor of Mountain Dew, VooDew, has newly hit shelves.

Mountain Dew’s newest flavor, VooDew, is actually a secret flavor. The bottle is packed with a milky white liquid. It made me think about Mountain Dew White Out when I first found it in a local gas station. The drink isn’t the most delicious looking thing, but it does suit the spooky theme. So does the artwork, which looks nice and makes me think about something that might have developed in the late 80s on a Halloween poster.

This isn’t Mountain Dew’s first Halloween themed drink. many moons ago they did Pitch Black and Pitch Black II. I liked the first Pitch Black but didn’t like the series. I’d put this new VooDew flavor.

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