MP4-X: The Most Stunning Formula One Concept By McLaren

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McLaren Mp4X (2)

No, It is not a new fighter jet but it is a new concept Formula One car from McLaren: called the MP4-X. It’s a “vision of the future” that looks deadly, but comes with a strong focus on safety. As well as a heads-up display similar to those seen in fighter jets, and tire sensors that warn drivers of imminent blow-outs, the MP4-X incorporates an enclosed cockpit — a change to F1 design currently being considered by the sport’s bosses to prevent head injuries.

McLaren Mp4X (1) McLaren Mp4X (3) McLaren Mp4X (4) McLaren Mp4X (6) McLaren Mp4X (7) McLaren Mp4X (8) McLaren Mp4X (9)

McLaren claims that “the technology that’s been applied to the MP4-X is all real, even if it’s still in its earliest stages of conception,” but some of the car’s features are definitely more science fiction than future science. McLaren suggests that one day, it could introduce a brain-controlled driving system, “monitoring the electrical signals within the driver’s brain” and combining this with hand gestures to steer the car. “A vehicle with no physical controls at all is a theoretical possibility, one equipped with visual gesture control systems or holographic instrument panels,” says McLaren. “The tech for this sort of thing is still in its earliest stages — but it could be possible.”


McLaren Mp4X (10)McLaren Mp4X (11)McLaren Mp4X (12)McLaren Mp4X (13)McLaren Mp4X (15)McLaren Mp4X (16)McLaren Mp4X (17)McLaren Mp4X (18)


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