MSI is Also Getting Into Backpack VR Computer Game

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MSI VR Computer Game

MSI has been creating a Backpack PC, a PC that is literally built to be worn on your back. We have already seen a HP Version of VR backpack computer today.

MSI have an interesting reason for designing a PC this way: for virtual reality. Its intention is for gamers to buy the Backpack PC and wear it around while playing VR games. Doing so would mean that gamers would be able to walk around wherever they’d like, no longer limited by the length of the cords connecting their VR headset to their computer.

It’s not totally clear how well this will work out, given that games will have to be created to specifically support this type of untethered movement. And for the most part, current VR games are planning for players to be relatively limited in where they can go.

MSI hasn’t announced most specs for the Backpack PC yet, aside from mentioning that it’ll have a Core i7 processor and a GeForce GTX 980 graphics card. The full unveiling will come at Computex next week.


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