MULTIVERSE DESIGNER Offers A 3D Narrative Engine

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Multiverse Designer, a brand-new 3D narrative engine that has the ability to take your stories and tabletop gaming to a new level on Steam.

From Indie Developer Toopan Games comes this ever-expanding experience. With an array of 3D models both animated and static, Multiverse Designer takes the stories and tabletop campaigns that have largely existed on paper into the 3D realm and gives players the freedom to change and edit as much as they want.

Multiverse Designer has a lot of newcomer-friendly systems to help ease into the understanding process involved with an engine of this scale. Making it accessible to new players and seasoned story-composing veterans.

The most impressive element is the ability to import 3D models from anywhere alongside its Steam Workshop integration. Being completely supported by Steam Workshop gives players the space to make their own creations and share that with other players around the world. This feature will enhance the game’s library of assets and make each experience even more customizable and personalized.

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