Multiversus Tier List: Are There The Best and the Worst?

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Multiversus became a game pretty popular from the very moment of release. It can be explained by different factors, but the main is the characters that appear in the game as playable ones. The highlight is that these heroes came from all different media pieces, and it would be hard to imagine these in such circumstances. The main question in this regard is how developers managed to balance the powers that each character has. It is a significant issue to clarify, and the Multiversus tier list can help us find the answer. 


Mobalytics – who are?

First, let’s start from the point of who created the tier list we will refer to in our article. Mobalytics is the analytics source that collects and summarizes the data concerning the games. It can be different information:

  • comparisons of patches or characters;
  • tables collecting and summarizing some key info about some development in the game;
  • personal changes that a player has while enhancing the skills (it refers to the tool Mobalytics created to help people’s self-improvements);
  • analytical information connected to the new games or events that make these games progress.

The list can be completed as all kinds of information are simply impossible to be mentioned. The main idea is that Mobalytics post the data that help gamers to feel the ground at what they like. One such new piece to write about is Multiversus.

Multiversus game – variability of characters

The main criterium that causes the increased interest in the game is the variety of characters to play. The fact is that the heroes are designed well, and their capacities are presented with diverse tricks and interesting strategies to apply. The only thing that causes so many doubts is the degree of dissimilarity between all the characters you can see there. 

However, there is no such chaos in the gameplay that you might have expected to see. The gameplay is well-harmonized for all the participants to feel comfortable during the match. But it gives birth to another question – who is the best in this regard? How do distinguish any best character if all of them are unique? Mobalytics found the answers to these questions and presented the tier list with extended commentary to give the players a clearer vision of what is going on on the battleground. 

Tier list for Multiversus

The tier list we can find in the Mobalytics blog contains three conditional parts:

  • introduction that describes the background events a little;
  • the main image to pay attention to, where the team described the main classification and additional information that is helpful for explorers and newcomers;
  • the commentary to explain why the characters are assigned to these particular tiers.

Such structure provides clarity and brevity that allows clarifying the subject but leaves the most curious parts untouched. 

There you can find five tiers where the best characters belong to S+ and S tiers. Despite they are placed lower, A tier deserves attention as well, and it makes the entire image a little frustrating. The main problem is the subjective nature of the tier lists – everything can change drastically depending on the individual gameplay features of each gamer. So even if we talk about the worst character of the game, you can never say he is the worst for some players who invent to use his abilities at maximum. 

Multiversus is a magnificent game making the pastime even more colorful with the variety of approaches you can apply while playing some characters. And the best part is that any conventional rate may mean nothing to you, as every player has his own vision of how it’s better to apply one capacity or another. 


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