Must Have Gadgets for Wearable Tech

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ASUS-ZenWatch-01If you feel you haven’t seen the best of Android Wear as yet, buckle up for the ASUS ZenWatch which is about to step in the limelight. Through the use of a stylish form factor that embraces the use of minimalism in design, this smartwatch is for those who believe in living a more connected lifestyle with the use of wearable technology.

Elemoon-01Elemoon changes color to match your outfit, alerts important calls/texts, has step tracking, displays time & helps you find your phone!Customizable jewelry that syncs with you! Elemoon is the world’s first smart accessory that lets you change its light designs to match every outfit or occasion. elemoon can also alert you to important calls, find your phone if you lose it and much more!

Findster-01Innovative GPS tracking system. Findster is a novel GPS tracking system working on the safety of your beloved ones, finding them whenever you want. Compared to other systems in the market, Findster is free of charges. There are no monthly fees! That’s what makes us your best choice.Simple to use. There are two primary devices, one for you and one for your loved one.

Onyx-01Checking your phone is a hassle when you’re busy. Pockets, gloves and complicated interfaces get in the way of the most important aspect of every communication device: communicating. Onyx puts the tools you need right where you need them most, stylishly accessible at all times. Onyx is the first wearable of its kind, putting the power of group communication at your fingertips in a small, stylish device.

Jawbone-Fitness-Tracker-01Eat, sleep and move. Better. Track your activity and sleep easy with the UP24™ band. Wake up feeling refreshed with Smart Alarm, or receive an Idle Alert™ a gentle vibration at the wrist when you’ve been sitting too long. UP24 is your friend-in-fitness wherever you go, 24 hours a day.

Microsoft-Band-05Microsoft Health is a new service that helps you live healthier by providing actionable insights based on data gathered from the fitness devices and apps that you use every day. It’s designed to work for you, no matter what phone you have, the device you wear, or services you use. Microsoft Health makes tracking personal fitness easier, more insightful, and more holistic. Microsoft Band, the first device powered by Microsoft Health, helps you achieve your wellness goals by tracking your heart rate, steps, calorie burn, and sleep quality.

Oru-Watch-Dual-Display-Smart-watch-with-Power-bank-02Ever imagined you could be wearing an LCD smartwatch, an E-paper smartwatch, and a Power bank all strapped to your hand as one wearable device? It’s now time to get introduced to the world’s first smartwatch that has a dual display, including TFT and E-paper. Another convenient thing? It has a power bank to charge cell phones.

Phyode-WMe-green-Wellness-Tracker-02Enrich your lives by enhancing your health status with this extremely useful wearable technology called Phyode W/Me-green Wellness Tracker. This wristband uses a touch-activated EKG sensor to detect the electrical activity of the heart which in turn can slow your heart rate and the current state of your autonomic nervous system or ANS on the corresponding iOS app. Apart from working as a Heart Rate and mental agility monitor, it can also function as a clock, email and call notification, phone locator, remote phone shutter and camera shutter, flashlight, and social media geolocation.

Cogito-Classic-Watch-01COGITO CLASSIC Watches are designed for the busy, social and fashionable crowd. With a stylish blend of an analog and digital display, COGITO allows you to receive smartphone and tablet notifications onto your wrist so you don’t have to constantly check on your device! Using our free ConnectedWatch App, you’ll get these notifications on your watch: Incoming and missed call alerts (See Caller ID or phone number on the digital display), Email alerts, 3rd Party messenger app alerts (Viber, WhatsApp, Skype, etc.), Calendar Reminders and;, Device Low Battery Alerts.

3D-Cinemizer-Plus-by-Zeiss-01Enjoy the magnificence of digital media while on the go with these light and effective 3D Cinemizer Plus by Zeiss. It’s this new form of wearable tech which makes the art of watching movies real fun when you’re on the road. They come with two 2.5 mm headphones that plug directly into the glasses from either side. There’s also an integrated rechargeable battery for up to six continuous hours of use.


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