MX VS ATV LEGENDS New Release Date Announced With Collector’s Edition

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THQ Nordic and Rainbow Studios have announced a launch delay for their new video game with a new release date for MX vs ATV Legends. All the details pertaining to the reason for the delay can be found in The Legends Path dev diary by Rainbow Studios CEO Lenore Gilbert. However, along with this bit of bad news, they also revealed a collector’s edition for the players.

In the collector’s edition, players will get:

  • Detailed MX vs ATV figurine featuring 2021 Yamaha YZ450F bike, a ramp, and two detachable flags (8 in/20cm high)

  • Metal sprocket keychain with MX vs ATV branding

  • 5 postcard prints

  • Special bonus DLC

  • Full MX vs ATV Legends game

Whether it is just because you want to check out the new trails mode in this new game or simply are a fan of the MX vs ATV series, you can pre-order the collector’s edition today.

MX vs ATV Legends will be released on June 28th for PC via Steam, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X|S. Adrenaline fans can pre-order the game now with the options of Standard, Leader, and Icon packs to pick from for both PlayStation and Xbox.

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