Mysterious Structure Found In Fallout 4

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Mysterious Structure Found In Fallout 4

Fallout 4 is littered with rare stuff and secret things which only rewarded to most curious souls and wanderers of the wasteland. Today, a player who, while clearing out a raider camp, fell into the vast sea. Instead of running for shore, this player decided to explore. Equipped with the Power Suit and Mirelurk Cakes, which let you breath under water, this person went on an expedition.

The reward was, initially, a look at some of the vibrant underwater flora that escaped being ravaged by the nuclear apocalypse. But eventually, a mysterious underwater structure was revealed.

The building in question, a large bronze structure that seems to be some sort of pumping or water filtration structure, has a working light, but cannot be entered. It kind of makes you wonder what this place is. Did Bethesda put it in just for fun? Why in this specific point instead of anywhere else? Could this be a hint at some future underwater content? Maybe it was something that Bethesda was working on, but abandoned. Will we ever find out? Too many questions!!!!


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