NARAKA: BLADEPOINT Launches On Mobile And Reveals New Character

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Hangzhou 24 Entertainment and NetEase Games have just revealed that NARAKA: BLADEPOINT will be eventually coming to mobile, coming out on iOS and Android for the first time.

The NARAKA mobile experience will bring the same amazing graphics that we have come to expect from the original PC version and has been built from scratch. With mobile technologies and constraints in mind, NARAKA on mobile has been fully rebuilt to ensure that the experience is as smooth and addictingly entertaining as the PC version. Alongside this, the UI and camera have been optimized for mobile players to enjoy the experience perfectly and seamlessly.

Also announced is the latest hero being added to the roster, Takeda Nobutada, The Demon Vessel. Takeda is the mentor of Kurumi and the vessel of the demon Furen. This lethal new character can deal huge amounts of damage to the enemy while also giving the player a bunch of new tools to work around the battlefield with. Takeda is now available to play.

If NARAKA is your type of game then be sure to check out the new trailer below and also let us know if these announcements are something that makes you happy.

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