NASA Releases One More Free Xbox Game, Complete With Achievements (1000G)

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NASA Free Xbox Game

A few months back “To The Moon And Beyond” – a free educational game released on the Xbox Store by NASA. Well, we’ve got another one now! It’s called Space Science Investigations.

Once again, this is an educational game in which you need to watch a few videos and complete a few puzzles. The key thing is that you also get 1000g worth of achievements here, and they’re pretty much all really easy to complete.

“Welcome to the International Space Station! It’s your job to make sure the resupply H-II Transfer Vehicle (HTV) is successfully berthed to the International Space Station. But before you can do that you must prepare the ISS for the HTV’s arrival.

Moving in zero-g will be different than what you are used to on Earth. Spend some time flying, flipping, and spinning around the station without gravity to assist you. But be careful, you might get sick! While completing tasks and floating around the International Space Station you will learn about and experience the effects of microgravity on the human body.”

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