Natural Disasters Coming Soon To CITIES: SKYLINES Console Version

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Cities: Skylines

It is a monumental task to build and manage a city and players take pride when they see their small towns develop into a vast city with the best transport system and happy citizens. But, it is fun to see a city go up in flames.

The PC version of Cities: Skylines have added many doomsday scenarios a few years back. However, console players can now join in the fun as the PlayStation 4, and Xbox One versions of the game will receive a new expansion called Natural Disasters on May 15.

If Natural Disasters on consoles will be as same as PC version, then players can expect many doomsday scenarios from earthquakes, thunderstorms, tsunamis, forest fires, tornadoes, sinkholes, and meteors. In addition, players can also play as the hero by planning for a disaster using early warning systems or respond to chaos with helicopters and organizing evacuations. Currently, Natural Disasters is priced at $15 on Steam, so it is expected that the console version will be the same or at least similar in price.

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