Navigating Variety: What Does Each of the Most Popular Online Casino Games Have to Offer?

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The world of online casinos continues to grow exponentially and with its rich array of gambling formats to choose from it’s easy to see why. The industry was worth a reported $41.78bn at the end of 2016 but appears set to reach the $80bn mark by the end of 2020. Here we take a look at a sample selection of the most popular casino games available today.



Bright and vibrant, online slots are often the main attraction. Equipped with the latest in 3D graphics and sound effects, the slots experience has come a long way since the days of monochrome machine displays in the darkened corners of a bar. A kaleidoscope of colors and an array of themes to choose from, online slots offer gamers the chance to enter numerous in-game universes. Its most popular offerings include Starburst and Age of the Gods, but whatever your favorite themes – from fantasy to history – the world of online slots have you covered.


Much like slots, the games offered by online casinos are full of diversity and aesthetic appeal. They can also boast increasing brand power with recognized staples like The Price is Right and Deal or no Deal gambling available to consumers. They offer people the chance to play out their favorite shows with the same real-money thrill as the contestants on TV.



An all-time classic, online roulette retains a great deal of popularity due to the attractive simplicity of its format and the hypnotic spin of the wheel. There are no complicated rules to master and no need to devise complex strategies to succeed against other players as this game is solely against the house. The tension as you wait to see where the white marble lands amongst the sea of red and black is the same online as it would be in a real casino; its randomness continues to delight the online crowd.



Unlike Roulette, the house is not involved and online poker involves outwitting and outsmarting your rival players. Those with a competitive edge love the psychological battle involved with playing your cards right and bluffing at the right moment. Patience can often be the name of the game and may appeal to the online gamblers at the other end of the spectrum to those who seek the instant gratification of spinning the roulette wheel.


Easy to play with a particularly low house edge, online blackjack attracts beginners and veterans alike. The game is very fast-paced with a consistent set of static rules which gives it worldwide appeal. Despite its apparent simplicity, its ‘hit, stand or split’ mechanics still leave plenty of room for tactical deliberation over probabilities which helps to build a sense of tension and keep players coming back for more. The fine balance between luck and skill has been fundamental to its enduring popularity.

Online casinos offer the variety and diversity of play to appeal to any and all types of gamblers. With technological developments continuing apace in the industry, reflected in the emergence of Virtual Reality online casino games, its popularity is set to grow and grow.

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