NECROMUNDA: HIRED GUN Gameplay Overview Trailer

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Warhammer universe’s new chapter will be released in two weeks time, Streum On Studio and Focus Home Interactive set up an action-packed fact paced gameplay overview with deadly guns and eerie places. Taking us on a journey through the many details behind the action within Necromunda: Hired Gun, we can see the various types of opponents, weapons, and places we will be working with. Plus, we get to see some more fast-paced action prior to the release on 1st June!

At Martyr’s End, the hub of all the action and factions in your small corner of Necromunda, you’ll choose your contract, choose your loadout, and track down your mark across the dark and twisted areas of the Hive. Nothing comes easy in this game; use your grappling hook and wall-running skills to close in on your prey across decaying agri-farms, industrious chem labs, and old strongholds. Then unleash havoc with your loyal cyber-mastiff to complete the job in style before going back home to upgrade your weapons and gear even further.

You can pre-order the game on your choice of platform and get the “Hunter’s Bounty” pack, which features cosmetics for your knife, stun gun, clothes, and a new chew toy for your dog.

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