Need for Speed Unbound Gameplay Trailer Date with New Teaser Revealed

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Need for Speed Unbound

Need for Speed Unbound gameplay reveals coming tomorrow, October 11, at 8 am PT/10 am CT. Indeed, while the game was confirmed to be in development a long time ago, there has been many Need for Speed Unbound leaks ahead of its official reveal.

Need for Speed Unbound is looking like a better entry for the franchise. Racing games have been in a rut for years, so to speak, but Need for Speed Unbound is taking a unique approach with its visuals, adding cartoony and almost anime-like content to every aspect of the game.

With the announcement of this Need for Speed Unbound gameplay reveal came a small snippet where fans can see these unique style customizations. Just in an incredibly short segment of a race, fans can see cartoony speakers surrounding the car and its lights dragging out as it hits the boost, cartoony designs surrounding the cars’ tires as they hit the drift, and a custom cartoon pop-up over the car. It stands to reason these visual elements will be everywhere in a race and probably down to how one customizes the different cars in Need for Speed Unbound.

This new teaser shows some pretty standard gameplay for a racing game, where it’s genuinely hard to reinvent the wheel. Players have to proceed from point A to point B, and while there are a few ways to do that, gameplay for racing games is pretty universal. However, if its gameplay is solid, then perhaps those not won over by the visuals will be more interested in Need for Speed Unbound. It certainly can’t hurt, but more than anything, those who aren’t impressed with it so far should still applaud EA and Criterion Games for trying something new.

In a current gaming environment where there are plenty of remakes and safe sequels, new iterations are hard to come by. New IPs in games remain a huge risk. Obviously Need for Speed is not that, but many still feel the “high point” of the franchise to be 2005’s Need for Speed Most Wanted. That’s obviously not good. And, whether Unbound is able to hit those same high marks or not, it might just confirm to be a unique entry nonetheless.

Need for Speed Unbound releases December 2 for PC, PS5, and Xbox Series X/S.

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