Need for Speed Unbound Gets Official Trailer, Release Date Revealed

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Need for Speed Unbound

Need for Speed Unbound is the latest title in the long-running franchise and is being led by Criterion Games, the studio behind legendary titles like Burnout 3: Takedown and Need for Speed Hot Pursuit.

An announcement for Need for Speed Unbound was revealed by the official Twitter account. Soon after, the date for the long-awaited trailer was also revealed.

Need for Speed Unbound has received its first official trailer, and the game is set to release on December 2, 2022.

Need for Speed Unbound heads into a bold new direction for the franchise. Criterion Games has decided to go for a very stylized aesthetic, mixing elements of realism and animation for a unique look to the game.

With Criterion Games’ new game, fans can expect all the bells and whistles they have come to expect from Need for Speed. The game will deliver fast arcade racing, placing car customization at the heart of the game. Cops will also come back, in classic Need for Speed fashion.

Need for Speed Unbound will be exclusive to next-generation consoles. This should allow the developers to push the limits of the franchise, leading to the most impressive visuals from Need for Speed yet.

Criterion Games has not done any development on a Need for Speed game since 2012. While Need for Speed: Most Wanted 2012 proved to be an unpopular release, Need for Speed: Hot Pursuit is still ranked among the finest games in the franchise.

The new upcoming game in the franchise looks to be going for a fresh take on the franchise while keeping elements that fans have come to love. The upcoming game has a lot of potential, but it has to be seen if Criterion Games can make it work on this opportunity and breathe new life into the franchise.

Need for Speed Unbound is only two months away from release, and fans finally race through a brand new Need for Speed universe.

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