Need For Speed Unbound Massive New Free Update

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Need For Speed Unbound

Exciting news for racing game enthusiasts! Electronic Arts’ highly acclaimed Need For Speed Unbound is set to make its official debut on Xbox Game Pass in just two days, specifically on June 22nd. Coinciding with its arrival is a substantial free update that has already been released, along with some enticing new paid DLC packs.

The latest update, titled Need For Speed Unbound Volume 3, introduces a captivating Speed Pass progression system that offers a multitude of free rewards. Additionally, players can look forward to an extensive selection of new challenges, ensuring an adrenaline-fueled experience. Notably, the update also brings forth innovative Linkups, which enable players to unlock the iconic DMC Delorean, adding a touch of nostalgia to the game.

For those seeking additional content, several paid DLC packs are available through the in-game store. First on the list is the Robojets Swag Pack, a comprehensive package priced at $14.99, delivering an assortment of exciting new features. Furthermore, the Ford Mustang GT Legendary Custom Pack is available for $9.99, presenting players with the opportunity to enhance their racing experience with legendary customization options. Lastly, the Volume 3 Customs Pack, priced at $5.99, offers an array of customizable elements to further personalize your vehicles.

With the timing of its arrival on Xbox Game Pass and the recent updates, Need For Speed Unbound is currently in its prime. Even prior to these latest additions, we were thoroughly impressed with the game and regarded it as one of the standout Need For Speed titles of the past decade, as we previously shared in our launch impressions.

Get ready to buckle up, hit the gas, and experience the thrill of Need For Speed Unbound as it races onto Xbox Game Pass, accompanied by an exciting array of new content and gameplay enhancements.

“In Need for Speed Unbound Volume 3, players will come together to crush new challenges and earn XP for rewards. This update introduces Speed Pass, a new way to get rewarded for completing challenges and events across Lakeshore to earn big rewards, like the new Legendary Custom SRT Viper.

Players will also take part in intense stunt-based driving challenges against the clock in new Linkups, allowing them to earn XP for Speed Pass and Bank to earn new cosmetics and customizations. Additionally, Volume 3 brings new events, Daily and Weekly Challenges, Chat Wheel, and much more.”

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