NEMESIS Board Game is Crowdfunded In Just Only 4 Minutes

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NEMESIS Board Game

Nemesis is a collaborative effort of Awaken Realms and Rebel, the board game comes with a whole new level of maybe co-operative gameplay. this game will make you question if you can really trust your friends and partners as you try to avoid the death trap of a ship you are grounded on. Watch the trailer below.

The board games blend a mix of RPG, action, and strategy together with a slight touch of poker because of its secret objectives that each player will have. It is the most complex board game I have seen since Dungeons & Dragons, except this won’t need a DM to play and you can also enjoy it as a single player.

Nemesis seems like it will play out like a sci-fi horror video game. The creatures for the game look horrifying as they are and I can only think they are going to color them in to make the creatures look all the more terrifying. If you are an RPG lover and player, this is the board game for you.

The game reached its goal in four minutes has to be a world record for a company which is completely unknown that reached out to Kickstarter, The trailer is even longer than how long it took the game to reach their goal funding money.

You can check Kickstarter if you are interested in helping them go even further from their goal that is now over 3900% funded.

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