NES Classic With 2,000 Games Support and Wireless Controllers

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NES Classic

Console manufacturer Analogue has been making waves with its Nintendo throwback systems.

Then Nintendo stole back its thunder with the $60 NES Classic, which is a palm-sized game system for your TV that packs 30 pre-loaded games. The only bummer about it is that it won’t let you add any more titles.

It seems as though Analogue took that as a challenge: Its new Nt Mini is 20 percent smaller than its predecessor, supports a whopping 2,000 games and outputs 1080p and analog RGB signals simultaneously for clear images.

It comes with 8Bitdo’s NES30 wireless controller and a Retro Receiver, so you can enjoy games without tripping over cables, and use other wireless controllers as well. The company says that it will work with all NES, Famicom and Famicom Disk System games and accessories.

All the reference-grade circuitry is housed in an aluminium case. The entire package costs $449, which makes it about $200 cheaper than the original Nt. If you’ve been dying for some old-school gaming action, this is certainly worth a look.


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