Netflix Games: How To Play, Cost, iOS Release, And Everything You Need To Know

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Netflix Games

Many companies have tried to become the “Netflix of games,” but now Netflix wants to be the Netflix of games. The company has the game service now available on Android devices, with an iOS version coming soon. While it’s certainly the first step, Netflix has plans to expand its offerings as time goes on.

So How much does it cost?

Perhaps the most attractive part of Netflix’s game service is the cost. Netflix has said it wants to make games an additional value on top of its standard pricing structure, and won’t charge extra for the benefit. Those plans could surely change if Netflix’s games list grows more ambitious, but for the time being it’s just an added perk on top of your standard Netflix subscription price. Currently, those pricing tiers are $9, $14, and $18, with increasing fidelity and the number of screens you can use at once. But with the most basic $9 tier, you can play games on Netflix.

All 5 of the games available through Netflix are exclusive, and for the most part, have not been available on other platforms. Stranger Things 3, a tie-in retro RPG for the 3rd season of the Netflix series, had previously been available across many platforms but was delisted shortly before the Netflix Games service was released. After a launch price of $20, it was usually priced at $10 and often went on sale for $5. Now it’s included with your basic Netflix subscription along with some other games.

What games it has?

At release there are 5 games available through the Netflix Games service:

  • Stranger Things: 1984
  • Stranger Things 3: The Game
  • Shooting Hoops
  • Teeter Up
  • Card Blast

The 2 Stranger Things games are from developer BonusXP, each with a setting-appropriate retro pixel art style. Shooting Hoops and Teeter Up are a basketball and physics balancing game, respectively, from Frosty Pop–the mobile studio that has also developed Apple Arcade originals like The Get Out Kids and The Pinball Wizard. Finally, Card Blast is a card-based puzzle game from Amuzo and Rogue Ones.

Like Apple Arcade, all games on the Netflix Games service promise no fees, in-app purchases, or ads.

What devices is it available on?

Netflix Games is available on Android and on iOS. Just update the Netflix app and you’ll see a Games section in the interface.

It is also available on iOS. The announcement from the company noted that you’ll be able to find the dedicated Games tab in the Netflix app, just like on the Android version.

How does it work?

These games will be downloaded onto your devices. That may be unexpected from a company like Netflix, which is famous for its streaming video service. Netflix has not revealed plans to introduce a streaming service, but it has said it considers this the “early days of creating a great gaming experience.”

The mobile games are available in many languages, so any games you download will default to the language preference from your Netflix profile. You can also download the games for each profile on your account across numerous devices, and pick games that will be available without an internet connection.

Netflix says it expects to make a service that everyone can enjoy to “every kind of player,” from newbies to more experienced gamers.

What parental controls are available?

Netflix Games won’t be available on kids’ profiles, and if you have a PIN set up to protect your adult profiles, you will be needed to play games on a gadget. That makes the parental controls features basically an extension of the controls that already live on your regular Netflix account.

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