Netflix Games Releasing on Android Tomorrow

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Netflix Games

Netflix is increasing its gaming product for many more users. Starting tomorrow, November 3, Netflix Games will release around the world on Android, with a release for iOS at a later date.

There will be 5 games available at release, which include Stranger Things: 1984 and Stranger Things 3: The Game from developer BonusXP, as well as the sports games Shooting Hoops and Teeter Up from Frosty Pop. The card game Card Blast from Amuzo and Rogue Games is the fifth and last game. Netflix Games is not a streaming service, as you have to download the games.

“We want to begin to build a library of games that offers something for everyone. We’re in the early days of creating a great gaming experience, and we’re excited to take you on this journey with us,” Netflix’s Mike Verdu said in a blog post.

Netflix Games is part of the regular Netflix subscription, so playing the games doesn’t cost you extra. There are no ads or in-app purchases, either. On Android phones and tablets, users will find a dedicated part of the app to download and play each game.

The 5 games are available in “many” languages, so each game will automatically default to the language preference in your Netflix profile.

Netflix Games can be played across various devices on the same account, though there is a limit. Netflix didn’t say what the limit is, but the company will alert players to this and give them the option of signing out of a different gadget if need be.

Netflix Games are not for “kids” profiles, the company said.

Netflix said this is just the start for what it hopes to accomplish in the games space. “We’re just getting started. We’re excited to continue improving our mobile gaming experience and adding to our entertainment offering in the months ahead,” it said.

Netflix has not revealed any plans to give streaming games, like Microsoft and Sony do with Xbox Cloud Gaming and PlayStation Now.

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