Netflix is Coming To E3 With Some Awesome Video Game Announcements

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E3 will be held after a month, and it looks like Netflix is going to have a panel as well at the event! We’re used to seeing the big three — Microsoft, Nintendo, and Sony — at the convention, but this year Sony will not be present so there will be a big hole. That hole will be filled by Netflix now.

That’s right, the video streaming giant will have a panel at the largest gaming convention of the year.

Netflix’s involvement with E3 was teased in some Twitter posts and that took us to some official announcements:

Netflix is trying to up their presence by introducing more games based on their original content, but this move will be successful?

I think Voltron: Legendary Defender game could be entertaining, and a Dragon Prince game has some weight to it. I do wish they would focus more on developing more original content before going into gaming and start battling the giants.


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