Netgear WiFi 6 And 6E Residential Wireless Access Points Released

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Netgear WiFi 6 And 6E Residential Wireless Access Points

Netgear has introduced new residential wireless access points WAX628 and WAX638E specifically created for the “residential custom integration market“. The new access points will be marketed exclusively through authorized integrators and business installers and are supplied with four years of Netgear’s Insight and ProSupport services.

Features of the new wireless access points come with the ability to provide homes with connectivity speeds up to 5.4 Gbps for WAX628 and up to 7.8 Gbps for WAX638E. Together with WiFi 6 and 6E security in the form of enterprise-grade security features to allow safe access and secure sub-networks with SSIDs and VLANs, all composed and configurable using the company’s Insight product.

Mesh wireless access points

  • Mesh capability – Extends the reach of the WiFi network over greater distances without the need for Ethernet wiring to areas unreachable by cables.
  • Backward compatible – All previous generation WiFi endpoints can connect and take advantage of the superior coverage area.
  • 100% more throughput – WiFi 6 Release 2 technology features the use of a 160 MHz channel which in turn results in 100% more throughput than offered by WiFi 6 Release 1 (80 MHz).
  • Multi-Gigabit Speed with PoE – Includes a 2.5 Gbps Ethernet port for creating a non-blocking connection to a PoE++ switch. Ideal NETGEAR switches to power WAX628 and WAX638E are the MS510TXM and MS510TXUP.
  • Both the WAX628 (available now) and the WAX638E (available soon) come bundled with four years of NETGEAR Insight for remote management and four years of ProSupport, which provides expert guidance to help with access point placement, AV and WiFi network design, and more.

“High quality wired and wireless networking products form the backbone of a smart home. Building upon an existing portfolio of products designed with residential projects and challenges in mind, NETGEAR developed its latest offerings to help integrators and installers continue to delight their residential clients. These new access points for the residential market include white-glove design and ProSupport services, as well as NETGEAR Insight – a comprehensive cloud-based management platform that enables installers to remotely manage their customer’s network from a tablet, smart phone, or laptop.”

Source: Netgear

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