New 21.3-inch Touchscreen In-Flight Entertainment System

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2016-04-06 10_42_40

New prototype in-flight entertainment system from French aerospace firm Thales, which puts a 21.3-inch touchscreen directly in front of each passenger. The company unveiled the project — nicknamed “Digital Sky” — in Hamburg earlier this week, and Zach Honig of travel site ThePointsGuy.com managed to snap some pictures of the setup.

The portrait orientation of the LCD displays isn’t ideal as it leads to a lot of blank space when watching videos. However, you can use the screen for other activities like playing games, browsing in-flight magazines, and exploring your location on a map. The sheer size of the display also makes the whole thing feel more luxurious and immersive — although some passengers might well find it oppressively large.

Some airlines are experimenting with handing out tablets to passengers, as they’re lighter than installing seat-back systems. Others are focusing on their streaming content and Wi-Fi.

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