New Apple Arcade Games in April 2023

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Apple Arcade, the popular gaming subscription service from tech giant Apple, has just announced its lineup of original titles for the month of April. This month’s offerings include three exciting new games developed exclusively for the platform, as well as an Arcade version of a classic ski and snowboard game from the App Store.

One of the standout games this month is an action RPG developed by the legendary Team17, the UK-based game developer known for titles like “Worms” and “The Escapists.” The game promises to deliver an immersive, story-driven experience with deep RPG mechanics and intense combat.

Another exciting addition to the Apple Arcade lineup this month is an official Doctor Who game. Players will take on the role of the Doctor and embark on a thrilling adventure through time and space, encountering familiar enemies and allies along the way. The game promises to capture the spirit of the long-running sci-fi series and provide a new and immersive way to experience the Doctor’s adventures.

In addition to these two games, Apple Arcade subscribers can also look forward to a unique take on the classic game Minesweeper. The game adds new mechanics and twists to the familiar formula, offering a fresh and engaging puzzle experience.

Finally, Apple Arcade is bringing an Arcade version of an open-world ski and snowboard game to the platform. The game has been a hit on the App Store for years, and now players can experience the full game on Apple Arcade with exclusive features and content.

Overall, Apple Arcade’s lineup for April promises to offer a diverse and exciting selection of games for subscribers to enjoy. With new titles added every month, Apple Arcade continues to be a compelling offering for gamers looking for high-quality, exclusive titles on their Apple devices.

The new games, released throughout April, are exclusively available to Apple Arcade subscribers at no extra charge. You can touch or click the Get button on each game’s page to receive a notification when the title is ready to be downloaded.

Doctor Who: An Unlikely Heist (April 7)

WhaleApp, the game developer, has recently released their first-ever Apple Arcade game in collaboration with publisher TiltingPoint. The game, titled “Doctor Who: An Unlikely Heist”, is an IP-based game set in the world of the popular science fiction TV series “Doctor Who”. The game features an original story within the Who universe, and has several different quest modes that players can engage with.

One of the main gameplay elements in “Doctor Who: An Unlikely Heist” involves finding hidden objects, which players must do while completing various mini-games and events. These can be played both online and offline, making it accessible to a wider audience. Puzzle gameplay is a key feature of the game, and fans of the genre will surely enjoy the challenges that await them.

The game is available on a variety of Apple platforms, including iOS, iPadOS, macOS and tvOS. This means that players can enjoy the game on their iPhone, iPad, Mac or Apple TV, making it a versatile gaming experience that can be played anywhere and anytime.

It is worth noting that TiltingPoint, the publisher behind “Doctor Who: An Unlikely Heist”, has a track record of success in the gaming industry. The company has three titles on Netflix Games, and has worked with many other notable developers in the past. This collaboration with WhaleApp is just the latest example of TiltingPoint’s dedication to bringing innovative and engaging games to players around the world.

Overall, “Doctor Who: An Unlikely Heist” is a must-play for fans of the Doctor Who franchise, as well as anyone who enjoys puzzle games with a unique twist. With its captivating story, engaging gameplay and availability on multiple platforms, this game is sure to provide hours of entertainment for players of all ages.


Grand Mountain Adventure+(April 14)

Developer Toppluva is known for its focus on Nintendo games and has now released its second App Store title. The new game, Grand Mountain Adventure+, is an updated version of the original Grand Mountain Adventure game for iPad. The game promises an ad-free, in-app purchase-free, and tracking-free experience for players.

Grand Mountain Adventure+ is an open-world ski and snowboard simulator game that allows players to perform tricks like flips, spins, corks, rails, and combos. The game offers 11 open-world mountains to explore, each with its unique challenges like avalanches, wildlife, sunsets, and busy slopes. There are over 200 challenges to discover, including Super G, Slopestyle, Freeride, and Big Air.

The game’s graphics are visually stunning, and the gameplay is smooth and engaging, making it a perfect game for players who enjoy the thrill of skiing and snowboarding. Grand Mountain Adventure+ also offers a Zen mode for those who want to relax and take in the beautiful scenery without any pressure.

It is important to note that Grand Mountain Adventure+ is only available on iOS and iPadOS, so Android users may have to wait a little longer to experience this exciting game. If you are a skiing or snowboarding enthusiast looking for a fun and challenging game to play, Grand Mountain Adventure+ is definitely worth checking out.


Summon Quest (April 21)

Team17, a well-known and highly respected game developer, is once again pushing the boundaries of what is possible in the gaming world with the release of their latest title: Summon Quest. This action-packed RPG offers players an immersive experience complete with challenging combat, diverse gameplay, and an enchanting magical world to explore.

In Summon Quest, players must clear each stage to unlock new equipment and expand their arsenal with new skill combinations. As you progress through the game, you’ll recruit powerful summons to fight alongside you, defeating bosses and exploring the game’s wondrous world. With 60 levels to keep you busy, Summon Quest offers hours of engaging gameplay that will keep you on the edge of your seat.

If you’re up for a challenge, Summon Quest has you covered. The game offers easy, medium, and extreme difficulty levels for each region, providing players with the opportunity to test their skills and earn some pretty sweet rewards in the process.

Summon Quest is available on a range of platforms, including iOS, iPadOS, tvOS, and macOS. Whether you prefer to play on your phone, tablet, or computer, you can enjoy the same thrilling gameplay and stunning graphics that make this game a must-play for fans of the RPG genre.

So, if you’re ready to embark on an epic adventure filled with danger, magic, and excitement, then Summon Quest is the game for you. Download it today and prepare to be transported to a world unlike any other!


Cornsweeper (April 28)

Cornsweeper is a delightful game that was created by developer Robert Morrison. This relaxing version of Minesweeper offers a unique and whimsical twist on the classic game. With its charming visuals and lo-fi music, Cornsweeper offers a fun and engaging experience for players of all ages.

What sets Cornsweeper apart from other games is its clever use of popcorn. Instead of mines, the game features delicious popcorn that you must avoid exploding. It’s a fun and creative way to update the classic game, and it adds a whole new level of excitement to the gameplay.

One of the things that makes Cornsweeper so impressive is that it was created by a single developer. Despite this, the game has a lot of potential, and it’s clear that Morrison put a lot of thought and care into its design. With 70 handcrafted levels, there’s plenty of content to keep you entertained for hours. The levels are challenging but not impossible, and there are sleuth clues to find secrets that add an extra layer of fun to the game.

Cornsweeper also offers a dynamic Arcade mode that you’ll need to unlock first. This mode adds even more excitement to the game, and it’s a great way to challenge yourself and test your skills.

The game is available on multiple platforms, including iOS, iPadOS, tvOS, and macOS. This means that you can play Cornsweeper on your phone, tablet, computer, or TV, making it a great game to enjoy anywhere and anytime.

Overall, Cornsweeper is a fantastic game that offers a fresh and enjoyable take on the classic Minesweeper. With its charming visuals, lo-fi music, and clever use of popcorn, it’s a game that’s sure to put a smile on your face. Whether you’re a longtime fan of Minesweeper or you’re just looking for a fun and engaging game to play, Cornsweeper is definitely worth checking out.

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How to view a list of upcoming Apple Arcade games

If you’re interested in seeing what new games will be coming to Apple Arcade, you can follow a few simple steps to get a list of upcoming titles. Firstly, open the App Store on your device and tap on the Arcade tab. From there, scroll down until you see the “See All Games” option, and then click on it. This will bring up a list of all the games currently available on Apple Arcade.

To narrow down the list to only show upcoming games, click on the “Filters” button at the top of the page. This will give you several options to filter the games, such as by category or release date. To see only upcoming titles, turn on the “Coming Soon” filter. This will show you a list of all the games that have been announced but are not yet available on the service.

It’s worth noting that Apple may remove games from the Apple Arcade catalog for various reasons. If a game is not performing well in terms of engagement or revenue, it may be removed from the service. Additionally, games may be removed when the contracts between Apple and the developers expire. If a game is removed from Apple Arcade, it will still be available on the service for two more weeks before it is completely removed.

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How to get Apple Arcade for free

Apple Arcade is a popular gaming subscription service offered by tech giant Apple. With a growing library of over 200 games available on iPhone, iPad, Mac, and Apple TV, it offers an affordable way for gamers to access a wide range of titles without having to spend a fortune on individual game purchases.

One of the most attractive features of Apple Arcade is the fact that all titles available on the service are free from ads, tracking, and in-app purchases. This means that gamers can play their favorite games without having to worry about annoying ads popping up during gameplay or being tempted to spend money on in-app purchases to progress through the game.

The cost of Apple Arcade is $5 per month after a free one-month trial period. However, it’s worth noting that the service is included in all Apple One subscription bundles, which can be a great way to save money if you already subscribe to other Apple services.

Another perk of Apple Arcade is that you get three free months of the service when you purchase a new iPhone, iPad, Mac, or Apple TV. This is a great way to try out the service and see if it’s right for you before committing to a monthly subscription.

It’s important to note that Apple Arcade is not a game-streaming service like Microsoft’s Xbox Cloud Gaming. Instead, each title must be downloaded and run locally on your device. While this means that the games may take up space on your device, it also ensures that you have access to high-quality gameplay without any lag or streaming issues.

Many of the titles available on Apple Arcade support a variety of controllers, including the latest Sony and Microsoft controllers, as well as Nintendo’s Joy-Con and Switch Pro, 8BitDo joypads, and other MFi-certified controllers like SteelSeries’s Nimbus and Stratus. This makes it easy for gamers to use their preferred controller for an optimal gaming experience.

Overall, Apple Arcade is a great option for anyone who loves gaming and wants access to a wide range of high-quality titles without having to spend a lot of money. With its growing library of games, affordable price point, and ad-free, in-app purchase-free gameplay, it’s no wonder why Apple Arcade is such a popular choice among gamers. For more information about Apple Arcade, you can visit the official website at apple.com/apple-arcade.

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