New Apple MacBook Pro Gets Taken Apart By iFixit

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 Apple MacBook Pro

The guys at iFixit have taken apart the 13 inch MacBook Pro to see how easy the device was to repair.

Apple MacBook Pro

The MBP sports a removable SSD powered by a custom Apple controller (we first saw this silicon in the 2015 MacBook, but this is its first appearance on a removable SSD). The SSD also has a new form factor and a new pin configuration.

On the mechanical side: New rubber bumpers on the speaker screws guard your laptop against vibration for chatter-free listening at top-volume. Maybe the new MBP finally has speakers to warrant this iMac-worthy tech. And if you spotted the headphone jack during the announcement, we were surprised too. But it probably won’t stick around much longer. The jack is a modular unit (with two microphones) taped to the top of the fan. That should make it pretty easy to replace with a Lightning or USB-C connector in the next model. As a final feature—if you’ve always thought closing your laptop could be smoother, Apple’s got you covered there with nifty, new spring-loaded tensioners.

The 13 inch MacBook Pro only score 2 out of 10 on the iFixit repair index, this means that the device is very difficult to repair, 1 is the most difficult and 10 is the easiest.

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