New Audi TT RS is Fast 0-62 in 3.7sec Fast

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 Audi TT RS

Audi TT RS is not just fast, it has silver mirrors and front splitter, big wheels, fixed rear wing – but our favourite is the bulked out wheel arch treatment.

It has a five-cylinder turbo petrol engine. It’s 2.5 litres in size using aluminium instead of steel for its construction. With 395bhp and 354lb ft quoted. That makes it 50bhp stronger than Porsche’s 718 Cayman S, and coupled with Quattro four-wheel drive, it ensures the TT RS is half a second quicker to 62mph. It’ll do 0-62 in 3.7 seconds – that’s just 0.2sec off the pace of the latest Audi R8. Yikes.

It also comes with 10mm suspension drop, lightweight sports seats and ginormous brakes. Your only gearbox option is a seven-speed paddleshifter, but it has its own ratios, and you get launch control.

With more choices offered by Audi you can have adaptive suspension control, carbon ceramic brakes and a 174mph top speed. As standard, there’s a 155mph limiter.

Audi has revealed both Coupe and Roadster versions of the TT RS in Beijing. The former weighs 1,440kg, while with the associated gubbins of an electronically folding soft-top, the latter is 90kg stockier. It’ll still hit 0-62 in under four seconds.

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