New Batman: Arkham Origins Screenshots: Firefly, Deathstroke, & Shock Gloves

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It’s all change in the world of the Batman these days. Bale out, Ben Affleck in, prequels over sequels and crossovers confirmed; it’s enough to send any self-respecting bat-fan into a state of hype-induced hysteria. With the next entry in the superb Batman: Arkham franchise set to swoop into view later this year, developer Warner Bros. Interactive has been hard at work pushing Batman: Arkham Origins to the very top of the Gamescom agenda.

Batman: Arkham Origins will be released on October 25th 2013, for the Xbox 360, PS3, PC & Wii U.

Having dangled fans with the prospect of an exciting reveal on Monday, the studio promptly unleashed its latest trailer one day later. Titled ‘Nowhere to Run,’ the two-minute sizzle reel showcased Batman’s earliest adversaries each trying to take a chunk out of the Caped Crusader.

Now, Warner Bros. is taking us back to the dank alleys of Gotham for another round of framed fisticuffs, courtesy of the game’s latest set of screenshots. Appearing front and center is the title’s newly announced villain, the hovering pyromancer Firefly. Given the aerial nature of this scintillating pic, it’s highly likely that Batman’s showdown with the twisted fire starter will involve some sort of mid-air match-up.

Batman: Arkham Origins Screenshots

Batman: Arkham Origins Screenshots

Another screenshot displays the Bat’s brand-new assault weapon, electricity-inducing gauntlets named the ‘Shock Gloves.’ These forearm guards work by absorbing enemy shock baton attacks (finally!), before building up a charge large enough to enact powerful one-hit takedowns. Warner Bros. has also confirmed that the gloves’ will play a part in solving electricity-dependent puzzles, though there’s no word as yet on how the studio plans to write out these incredibly useful tools – after all, they don’t appear in either of Batman’s later Arkham adventures.


Batman: Arkham Origins Screenshots

Batman: Arkham Origins Screenshots

The final screenshot of note displays the deadly assassin Deathstroke duking it out with wide array of enemies. We already know that the character will be available for play in the game’s famed challenge maps, though this picture could open up the possibility of playing as the man himself in-game, perhaps as part of a begrudging alliance with the Bat.

Batman: Arkham Origins Screenshots

Earlier this month, Warner Bros. Interactive unveiled two new collectors sets for the Dark Knight title – the first time the franchise has divided special edition spoils across the Atlantic. European gamers can pick up their pack for £79.99/€99.99, while North Americans can expect to pay closer to $119.99, for an expanded suite of batman mementos. PlayStation players on ‘either side of the pond’ will also receive exclusive access to the title’s Knightfall pack, regardless of which edition is purchased.

Are you excited to pick up Batman: Arkham Origins? Which alternate character would you like to play as in the game’s campaign? Where will the Arkham franchise go from here? Let us know in the comments below.

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