New Bayonetta 2 Trailer Features Even Crazier Boss Battles

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New Bayonetta 2 Trailer Features Even Crazier Boss Battles

While many developers are beholden to shareholders and expectations, Platinum Games marches to the beat of their own dream. In fact, even when they are working on a sequel, like Bayonetta 2, they do so on their own terms.

Although many Platinum fans were sold purely on the idea of a Bayonetta sequel, the developer still has plenty more to show gamers as far as their Wii U exclusive is concerned. And so, they sought fit to capitalize on yesterday’s Nintendo Direct Presentation to give gamers a closer look at their forthcoming release in action.

As you can see in the trailer, Bayonetta 2 is equally as, if not more, chaotic than its predecessor. Platinum Games is no stranger to visual flourishes, and here they have them in spades. Whether or not gamers will be able to make sense of everything amidst the chaos is another question entirely, but the game certainly looks pretty.

The trailer also teases some of Bayonetta 2‘s story elements, specifically the longstanding battle between the Umbran Witches and the Lumen Sages. While the Lumen Sages were thought extinct, except for the half-blood Bayonetta, the trailer reveals that there is at least one Sage left.

Much like the first game, the Bayonetta 2 trailer is full of some heavy, and confusing, ideas. It’s hard to fully glean what’s going on in the footage, but as far as we can tell it appears Bayonetta, who is sporting a much shorter ‘do, is caught in purgatory and trying to make her way into hell. She is assisted in that endeavor by a mysterious kid with glowing cornrows who, it appears, players will control at least once during the course of the game.

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