New Bike Security System Makes Thieves Think They’re Being Shot At

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Bike Mine

The inventor of this really cool bike lock called his invention Bike Mine. The Bike Mine accepts the same kind of blanks that are commonly used in ceremonial salutes or to scare away nuisance birds. They’re loud as hell (around 150 decibels), but they’re not going to seriously injure anyone.

Attach the Bike Mine to your bike, slide in a blank, and connect the included titanium wire to one of the spokes. When an unsuspecting thief tries to wheel away from your bike, the wire pulls the “trigger” and detonates the blank. It sounds a lot like a gunshot going off, which is probably enough to send a lot of criminals scrambling away in their freshly-soaked trousers.

Sure, the Bike Mine is only held on by a couple of velcro straps, but because it’s so small and doesn’t look like an ordinary lock, it’s likely to be overlooked by all but the most observant thieves. It’s also super-low tech, so you never have to worry about a dead battery as you do with some of the anti-theft devices that have popped up recently.

Creator Yannick Read is running a Kickstarter campaign to produce the Bike Mine. His initial goal was to build something that would protect his own stuff — he’s had both a bike and motorcycle stolen — but he figured if he wanted something like this, there must be other folks out that do, too.

You can get one of your own by pledging around $70.

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