New BROKEN LINES Trailer is Here

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In the new trailer for PortaPlay’s upcoming tactical RPG, Broken Lines, the center is towards the game’s narrative details, while showing off some gameplay of the game. The trailer follows a squad of British soldiers who have crashed behind enemy lines in an alternate-history of WWII, and how they work with the world around them, as well as within their group. Check out the trailer below.

 You as the player have to make hard choices for these brave soldiers, as they go to war with the enemies and the demons in themselves. Whether they have the combat experience, or they are green as grass, each fighter brings their own opinions, beliefs, and personal baggage on this trip. Despite all of this, you must make the most of their battle skills, as you struggle to bring them home.

Broken Lines is a tactical combat fighting video game with a big focus on narrative while offering a new and innovative approach to unit control. In the game, players will take control of a squad of soldiers battling through Eastern Europe on a special mission to get back home. As the soldiers fight their way through the battlefields, their skills will continually shape who they are and their relations with each soldier, building a story that shows the true impact of the terrors of war.

Broken Lines will be available on Windows PC and on Nintendo Switch in the first quarter of 2020.

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