New Carbon Fiber Skateboard is Here

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Carbon Fiber Skateboard

Ryan Olliges from 121C Boards is on Kickstarter to raise the required funds to create the next generation of carbon fiber skateboards, This time he created the lightest cruiser skateboard on the market which is crafted from pure carbon fiber.

Learn more about the inspiration, designed and production goes into the construction of each and every Cruiser Skateboard which are now available to early bird backers priced at $195 with worldwide shipping available.

JPL’s plucky little Pathfinder rover was the inspiration for our new skateboard. They share a basic design criterion: being elegantly simple yet functional and as light as possible. Pathfinder’s diminutive size and mass were requirements for its solar powered cruise across the Martian surface. Our little rover will cruise you across campus or town and without encumbering your journey or weighing you down when you arrive.

At just 560 grams complete the Rover is the lightest skateboard we’ve found. It trounces those heavy plastic cruisers and the supposedly light wood deck (at @1100g, an Uber Light or Fiberlight weighs in nearly twice as much as ours), providing you with a lot more performance, not to mention style. The weight savings we gain from pure carbon fiber allows us to widen the deck and trucks, providing longboard stability and control in a tight, light package. Carbon fiber’s stiffness allows us to keep the board razor thin (less than 1/4 inch). And did we mention style? Equipped with Shark Wheels and Randal Trucks the Rover’s looks are INSANE and its ride is INCREDIBLE.


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