New Challenges Coming in The New Free MONSTER HUNTER WORLD: ICEBORNE Update

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New Monster Hunter World: Iceborne expansion is coming with a new set of challenges as the new free update added to the game takes them back to the ancient world to face off the dark legendary Black Dragon Fatalis. This legendary enemy isn’t all that is waiting to challenge them in this new DLC either.

While there is no account of where the Black Dragon Fatalis came from nor it’s a connection to the blighted Castle Schrade that was slaughtered in a disaster known only to legend, there’s no disputing that previous squads have failed to return from the castle. In light of this, the Guild has sent the General to get the Research Commission to investigate the region. That means that Hunters of the Fifth Fleet bold enough to acquire the assignment should outfit for a battle that will make history, and be compensated with top-tier armor, weapons, and Palico gear to match.

On October 16th, Hunters will encounter two new limited-time events available for them to challenge. The first of these is the assault of Arch-Tempered Velkhana as part of a limited-time event quest. This more dominant form of the flagship Elder Dragon packs a tempest of frigid attacks for Hunters to fight with or end up buried under the avalanche of blows.

And then from October 16 through November 5, Seliana’s Lunar Terrace will be finished like a graveyard bash for the new seasonal Fun Fright Festival. Along with numbers of costumes and gear for the whole Gathering Hub to join in on, Hunters seeming to scare up some entertainment can redeem tickets from log-in bonuses, seasonal bounties, and event quests to get the new Demonlord α+ armor, and new layered armor such as the Skull Scarf, Kadachi Scarf, and much more.

Other than these challenges and events, players can also get a few gameplay adjustments that have been made to enhance the overall gameplay experience. With all of this, you can find that there are some new cosmetic and valuable paid DLC’s to choose from. If this rundown and the developer diary video just isn’t sufficient for you check out the website.

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