New Crytek HUNT: SHOWDOWN Update Supports Crossplay In PS4/Xbox

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Hunt Showdown

Hunt: Showdown has been updated for consoles to version 1.3 and with the a lot of new changes so too have things changed in the game! New enemy and weapon types are here for players to try out and face off against. A new time of day is also available to give the map a new look and a new awesome playable character is available in the form of the Redneck. But, what is probably the most interesting of all for console players is crossplay! Now players on PS4 and Xbox One will be able to join using the Random Partner option. Sadly, the choice to play with your friends on other platforms still isn’t available yet. When playing crossplay, your platform will be displayed next to your names to let you know what system you are playing with. Hunt: Showdown has been an awesome game and Crytek continues to develop and build on it over time and now it is a must game to play. This new crossplay feature has me even more passionate about the game and I might start playing it again!


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