New DEATH STRANDING “Connect” Trailer Shows More Of The Open World

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Sony and Hideo Kojima have regularly leaked information about the upcoming game Death Stranding in anticipation of its release in November. The prophecies have only further perplexed the forthcoming release, but the hope is high for the cinematic sci-fi world. Babies in jars. Famous faces presented in the photorealistic graphics. And a campaign that will determine the fate of the human race. There is a lot has been teased to gamers in the previous year.

And as the release nears, we’re getting more in-depth aspects of what the game will come with. The new trailer debuted on the PlayStation Japan YouTube channel, and it gives another opportunity to read the dark atmosphere of the Hideo Kojima’s newest project. Blending the exciting scenes of characters in with gameplay footage of Norman Reedus as Sam Bridges, you can anticipate danger, slyness, and a lot of pending questions in the mysterious world of Death Stranding.

My apologies for no subtitles, I hope English version will be released soon.

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