New Final Fantasy X/X-2 HD Remaster Videos Revealed

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Final Fantasy X/ X-2 HD: It’s almost fitting that a title revolving around a lengthy and laborious pilgrimage should have taken so long to reach retail. First announced back at the Sony Press Conference in September of 2011, this mammoth re-skin project has been caught stalling ever since.

Fortunately, for fans of the sprawling franchise, and FF‘s X and X-2 in particular, the long wait for an HD update is now almost over, with Square Enix releasing ever-more video content in the build up to the game’s PlayStation 3 debut.

This latest batch of spruced-up cut-scenes features some of Final Fantasy X‘s most memorable moments, including Wakka’s first appearance, Rikku’s second reveal and Yuna’s moonlit date with Tidus. The remaining vids cover the entries’ special ‘Overdrive’ moves, as well as a high-level game of Blitzball – a kind of turn-based, underwater soccer.

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