New FlatOut Game In Development

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New FlatOut Game

Strategy First Inc., celebrates its 26th year by announcing the development of an all new FlatOut racing video game.

“Strategy First is proud to announce the development partnership with Kylotonn Entertainment.

The Paris based studio Kylotonn Entertainment has developed a high profile in the racing and destruction racing genre.

The latest in the beloved demolition derby style racing game franchise, the new FlatOut game will be made available for multiple platforms.

After receiving numerous offers from great developers worldwide, Strategy First is confident that Kylotonn Entertainment will deliver the FlatOut experience that fans have been waiting for.

The All NEW FlatOut will be the most ambitious title in the franchise’s history. For that to happen, Strategy First and Kylotonn have invited the online community to get involved in the creative process.

Over the course of the next few weeks and months, Strategy First and Kylotonn Entertainment will announce a variety of ways in which the online community may help shape the all new FlatOut game.”

“FlatOut is our most important franchise. There is a strong vocal community that have numerous constructive ideas and suggestions on what they would like to experience in an all new FlatOut.

We would like to invite anyone who is a fan of FlatOut to be part of the process. We are excited about our partnership with Kylotonn Entertainment”, says Strategy First Director Emanuel Wall.

“Strategy First and Kylotonn will create an exciting FlatOut experience. The online game community will still have everything that originally made FlatOut such a great title.

While at the same time we here at Kylotonn will introduce and create new experiences and moments that we think people will love,” says Roman Vincent, Director of Kylotonn Entertainment.

FlatOut will be available in 2016 for multiple platforms including PC, Xbox One, Play Station 4 and more.

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