New Free DLC For HOTSHOT RACING is Superb Fun!

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Developers Sumo Digital and Lucky Mountain Games are still working on the game and making it even better. Hotshot Racing recently announced by their publisher, Curve Digital, that they released an absolutely free DLC bundle called “Big Boss Bundle” that all consoles can play. This new DLC bundle comes packed with new aspects of the game.

In this Big Boss Bundle, gamers are given access to a new game mode called Barrel Barrage, this is a brand new Grand Prix championship, four new tracks, and more updates to the general gameplay. While you will have to experience the new maps and Boss Level Grand Prix yourself, a fast explanation for how Barrel Barrage works is to take the racing this game has and add barrels that explode into the game. These barrels can be released from the rear of each racing car and they boom! on contact with any car.

This DLC is available now on all of the consoles and easily improving the value of Hotshot Racing. You can check out the DLC’s release trailer below, it looks super fun and entertaining to play.


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