New Gambling Regulation in Sweden

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Sweden has recently passed new gambling laws until the end of 2020. The presence of Covid-19 and the lack of sports better had an increased on online gambling. More people have registered to online casinos, meaning new laws have had to be implemented. Read on to find out more about this and how it affects the industry, one such method is spelpaus, which means game paus in Swedish.


The Popularity of Gambling and Global Legislation

Gambling is a popular hobby, with over 4.2 billion people worldwide having gambled in the last year. As such, it is tightly regulated and each country and jurisdiction has different rules and laws. Sweden is one of these countries clamping down on their laws, as they have seen a rise in online gambling.


Gambling in Sweden

When players start to gamble online, they will most likely continue until they make great earnings and wins. Addiction is the main concern in Sweden which has led to new limitations being applied to the new legislation.

These new laws were implemented to create economic equality and social mobility in the country. These concerns were raised as more and more citizens have developed an addiction to gambling, especially more women than men.

Sweden’s Equality Commission has stated that warnings should now be added to advertisements showcasing online casinos. Deposit limitations to casinos will also be limited and the whole market will be severely regulated.

Reports claim that lowers earners are the ones who are more likely to be addicted to gambling. Even though, it is a major concern the commission raised that they would not be making the new rules too strict as this would create havoc.

The efforts by the commission in creating a healthy gambling environment would be balanced as opposed to shutting down gambling as a whole in the country. The cancellation of gambling in its entirety would be too harsh and unfair to players. Strict rules would also lead to unlicensed and illegal gambling.


New Rules and Regulations

The Equality Commission has stated that gambling should have limited hours in a day. The hours are yet to be confirmed as more research is going to be made in order to have a solid plan. They did however confirm that a lot of gambling takes place on Fridays and Saturdays.

Another element that would be added was having stake limits, which would mean that a break in play would be applied. Additionally, a nationwide monitoring system would oversee the whole market. The activity of all players on gambling sites would be tracked and hopefully improving on the relationship that players have with online gambling.

Players would also be given a maximum deposit every 24 hours, which would not allow being exceeded. When this maximum is reached, players would not be allowed to play further.

Advertising will be modified; warning signs against gambling addiction will be added. Issues such as suicide and losing money will be raised. The commission has also stated that the Swedish government should look into contributing funds to local governments and municipalities, in order for them to create campaigns and frameworks for treatments aimed at addicts.

The healthcare of these addicts is important and all attention would need to be placed on helping these addicts. More funding will be needed as the increase in problem gambling is significant.

Gustaf Hoffstedt, the Secretary-General of the online gambling trade association raised that the Swedish government will unlikely take the Equality Commission’s proposals seriously. He says this because the proposals have thus far been taken negatively by the citizens of Sweden who gamble online.

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