New Hero Is A Cute Rodent in OVERWATCH

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After several teasers from Overwatch’s official Twitter account, the newest hero in the game is finally unveiled. Players were expecting that the new champion will be Hammond after several clues through posters and the wrecking ball from Blizzard’s second teaser came to light. Now, Overwatch just released the final teaser and we get to see hero 28, which is a fat little hamster that no one could have anticipated.

Although Overwatch didn’t confirm the latest hero’s identity, it is likely that this hamster is indeed Hammond, the missing specimen from Horizon Lunar Colony. The colony was a scientific experiment that intends to evolve gorillas into super smart scientists. Players will be familiar with Winston, the most famous result of the program funded by Lucheng Interstellar.

In an unhappy turn of events, a riot happened that led to the subjects going rogue and was able to successfully launch the scientists into space. However, Lucheng’s systems identified two missing test subjects, namely Winston and Hammond. Given that we know Winston’s location, Hammond became a secret and started the speculation that he is, in fact, the next hero of the game.

A full reveal of Hero 28 will commence soon via the upcoming Overwatch PTR.


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