New HORIZON CALL OF THE MOUNTAIN Trailer With First Gameplay Reveal

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Horizon Call of the Mountain

Horizon Call of the Mountain is coming to the PlayStation VR2 when the system comes out, and PlayStation revealed more of the game today during their new State of Play Presentation. This new look at the game reveals more of the upcoming VR game’s story as well as a robust look at the gameplay mechanics players can expect when they get their hands on it.

Horizon Call of the Mountain is about a former Shadow Carja by the name of Ryas as he seeks to atone for his past crimes. He’s tasked with rooting out the source of a mysterious threat in the Carja Sundom, but the journey to stop this threat is rife with hard climbs and powerful machines. Players will need to use Ryas’ skills as a well-trained climber and archer to stay alive, though a few familiar faces may offer their assistance throughout the game.

The trailer revealed the gorgeous vistas and deadly mountain paths Ryas will encounter on his quest, as well as a few peeks at the game’s battle scenarios. Ryas will go up against a mixture of machines from the world of Horizon, including Snapmaws, Glinthawks, and even a Thunderjaw. There will also be a separate mode which is called River Ride that will offer an amazing, rafting experience like the one shown in the trailer.

Horizon Call of the Mountain will release exclusively for PlayStation VR2.

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