New iPhone SE Will Be Releasing in 2020

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New iPhone SE

Apple revealed their new upcoming iPhone 11 handsets next week, there will be three new phones and now we have details on one more new phone, the new iPhone SE, although this new phone won’t launch until 2020.

According to a new report by the Nikkei, Apple is preparing to release a new iPhone SE next year in an effort to improve iPhone sales which have been in a slump.

The more affordable model will allow Apple to get more customers who don’t want to pay the $749 for the iPhone XR or $1,000 plus for the iPhone XS handset, or iPhone 11 phones when they release.

The cheaper iPhone SE is coming out for a while now, the previous model cost just $399 so a new model like this should help Apple sell more phones in the market.

Source NikkeiThe Verge


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