New Kickstarter Is A Must Have For Switch Gamers

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Nintendo Switch

A new Kickstarter by Enerjoy has now live for a new all-in-one battery pack for the Nintendo Switch. This battery comes with 3 different ways of charging your switch and joy con.

One, it can attach to the Switch itself for portable playing. Two, it can attach to your controller grip to charge your joy con while you play. Three, it can be used as a wireless charging dock for up to 4 joy con. This super light battery won’t weigh you down and the magnetic clip makes it super easy to use.

There are two extra batteries available, one adding 9+ hours of play and the other adds 18+ hours of gaming. Both are compatible with the Switch and the OLED. This looks like a brilliant way to extend the life of your Switch while traveling since it is lightweight and short enough that it won’t be cumbersome to pack.

This Kickstarter will go until November 14, 2022.

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