New Leak Revealed That GTA 6 Will Be Set In Modern Times, Not in the 80s

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Another day another new rumor regarding GTA 6, the internet meets its purpose one more time. And it gives way to some new speculation, further fueling the rumors about the upcoming open-world game. Tom Henderson, who has in the past leaked information about the Call of Duty, Battlefield, and at times GTA, has another big claim to make.

According to Henderson, the next game in the GTA franchise, which is very likely to be GTA 6, will be set in modern times and not in the 80s. Major rumors circling the internet were that Rockstar Games had chosen to go back to the 80s for the new game.

Tom’s claims aren’t exactly solid or backed up by information, he has a track record of giving out the correct information. Yet, at this point, the kind of secrecy Rockstar has maintained about the GTA 6, any rumor, speculation, or “leak” has to be believed with a huge portion of salt.

Rockstar Games has chosen not to go back to an earlier time period since GTA Vice City and San Andreas, with both GTA 4 and GTA 5 set in the modern-day.

However, perhaps in a bid to challenge themselves creatively and open up new opportunities, Rockstar can choose to go back to an earlier time period. Former lead creative for the GTA franchise, Dan Houser, once talked about the risks of having a game based in the modern-day.

His concern arose from the point that any modern-day satire or piece of commentary becomes outdated very quickly. Playing the game 10 years from now will feel unsatisfied, as the editorial and satire in question will very much have become a reminder of its time.

Since GTA’s name is so deeply rooted in satire, becoming old is indeed a tremendous risk. By having the game set in the 80s, the satire is dated by life and not a byproduct of the game has aged badly.


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