New LEGO Headquarters in Denmark Will Be Built With Lego Bricks

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The new Lego HQ is under construction at Billund, Denmark and the HQ is believed to attract millions of fans from all over the world. The HQ is said to be an experience center, and is going to look like a building made from LEGO. What’s even better is that one can simply obtain an architectural kit and build their own buildings in such manner.

Thanks to a new Lego Architecture kit, you can start building your own version at home today.

LEGO Headquarters in Denmark

Danish Architect Bjarke Ingles along with his firm, BIG wanted to design a place that displayed creativity and encouraged people to play and interact. The exterior of the building will look like a Lego plaza, which will invite people to visit and explore the lounge. On the top of the building, there’ll be reproduction Lego bricks and nodules of the well-known brick wall house.

LEGO Headquarters in Denmark

Looking at the architecture of the building one can observe that the shapes and sizes are familiar, this is due to the fact that the whole project was designed with Lego blocks in mind. The architect claims that, “Lego proportions are really the golden ratio of architecture.” The designers also created a video animation of the project and used graphics that took inspiration from the Lego Blocks.

LEGO Headquarters in Denmark

The company has also launched Lego architecture series that allows people to build their own houses and buildings in the LEGO style. No doubt, people will be able to accomplish their small scale designs before the HQ is finished. The HQ is estimated to finish construction in 2016.

LEGO Headquarters in Denmark

The company held a ceremony a few days back and part of it was to lay down the corner stones of the building that were actually giant pieces of Lego. The building is supposed to be spread over an area of 22,800 square feet, let’s hope they do finish this project by 2016, as it’ll be a wonder to witness.

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