New Lego UCS Imperial Star Destroyer Is About Four Feet Long!

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UCS Imperial Star Destroyer

Lego has been making amazing Star Wars set after another for over 20 years now. Today they’re revealing a tremendous addition to the Ultimate Collectors Series to mark the anniversary.

Meet UCS Imperial Star Destroyer, a highly-detailed tribute to one of the most famous opening scenes in cinematic history. It’s not Lego’s first attempt on the famous and most iconic ship, but it’s by far the largest and most complicated.

The first UCS Imperial Star Destroyer was released way back in 2002. When its 3,106 pieces were completely assembled, it averaged just under two feet long and its weight: about two pounds.

For their 2019 model, Lego has totaled more than 1600 additional pieces. The new UCS Imperial Star Destroyer puts those additional pieces great use by improving its span to a jaw-dropping 43 inches. It reaches 14 inches tall and is wider than the 2002 version was long.

To make it clear just how large the Devastator is, Lego added a tiny, brick-built Tantive IV. It’s absolutely dwarfed by the Star Destroyer… just like it was in the opening scene in A New Hope. The Devastator is equipped and ready to swallow up rebel ships.

Lego has added a pair of Minifigures for good measure: an Imperial officer and a crew member. They’re included to stand attentively next to an informational plate that lists important details about the ship.

This amazing Lego set doesn’t come along all that often, but when it does… well, it comes with an evenly spectacular price tag. The UCS Imperial Star Destroyer will cost you around $699.99 and it will be available for sale October 1.

Lego VIPs can order the Lego set from September 18, and you can bet they will. $699 might seem very expensive, but it’s still $200 short of the most expensive UCS set — the 7541-piece Millennium Falcon.




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