New Mobile Lens For iPhone X Released

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Mobile Lens For iPhone X

Smartphone camera accessories manufacturer Olloclip has announced the launch of a new mobile lens system which has been designed particularly to be used with Apple’s latest iPhone X. Equipped with “premium multi-element glass optics”, the lens range have been designed to provide iPhone X with the ability to enhance their field of view by shooting wider and closer than is possible using just the built-in camera lens.

Olloclip has created six lenses which are now available for the new Apple iPhone X taking the form of a Super-Wide: Four-element lens with more than 120 degree visibility, ultra-Wide: A 155° action camera field-of-view, Fisheye + Macro 15x: Unique 180° wide-angle spherical effect + 15x increased magnification, Telephoto: 2x optical zoom to get twice as close to the action, Macro 14x + 7x: Get detail oriented and see beyond the naked eye and Macro 21x: Go in for the ultimate close-up. Features of the new Olloclip iPhone X lens system include :

– Expanding Lens Mount: Opens to easily accommodate all screen protectors and intuitively aligns with both front and rear cameras – with no extra parts needed.
– Connect X Interchangeable Lenses: Removable lenses that can be instantly adapted to any shooting environment. Switch out lenses quickly, on or off the phone.
– Pendant Stand: Designed to easily carry the iPhone X lens set and can be opened to form a pocket-sized tripod. Perfect for holding the phone to shoot stabilized video, live streaming, time-lapses or simply watch a movie.
– Telephoto Camera Compatibility: To align instantly with the iPhone X telephoto camera, users can flip the individual Connect lens within the clip and double the effect of the lens. Ideal for achieving greater optical zoom and magnification with Telephoto and Macro lenses.

For more information, specifications and pricing head to the official Olloclip website by using the link below, where a special bundle featuring the Super-Wide, Fisheye & Macro 15x lenses are now available for £100.


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