New Motorola Razr Smartphone is a Blast From The Past That Costs $1,500

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Motorola Razr

Remember when Motorola Razr flip phones unveiled and took the market by storm, it was the coolest phone back in 2004. Well, joining the Galaxy Fold in the revival of foldable smartphones is the new Motorola Razr joining the lineup. Shown at an event in Los Angelos, the new foldable smartphone bringing back the iconic clamshell-style of its old predecsor. This time around, though, you won’t be limited to a little screen on one half of the phone and keypad on the rest. Using a flexible glass, the Razr now comes with a full 6.2 inch HD display that folds perfectly in half.

Motorola Razr

The Motorola Razr has a hinge concealed behind the display, It is exactly like the Huawei Mate X. Motorola says it went through four iterations of the hinge and the modern version folds well in half, all while managing to evade creasing. It brings back a couple of signature features of flip phones as well. You can close the Motorola Razr shut with a pleasant click and it comes with a screen on the front. Dubbed the “Quick View” screen, you can now use the 2.7 inch OLED screen when the phone is folded to see notifications, respond to texts, calls, and emails, even take selfies, and you can use Google Assistant.

New Motorola Razr may provoke feelings of nostalgia but there are some asterisks that come with this blast from the past. According to PC Mag, Motorola’s new foldable phone is a Verizon exclusive and only available on the service and the price for the starting phone is $1,499. With competitors like the Galaxy Fold which will cost you $1,980 and the Mate X priced at about $2,600, the Razr is priced reasonably competitively in the foldable phone market. When matched to your average smartphone, however, it’s pricey, especially when considering the specs.

Pre-orders for the Motorola Razr will go live on December 26 and it will be available on January 2020.

Motorola Razr Motorola Razr


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