New Multiplayer VR Fantasy Shooter BATTLE BOWS Comes Out Soon!

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Battle Bows, developed by WIMO Games, is an exciting and highly anticipated fantasy-themed multiplayer shooter specifically designed for VR consoles such as SteamVR and Meta Quest. Set in a captivating world, players will embark on an immersive adventure where they wield their virtual bows and unleash a barrage of magical arrows upon their adversaries from the safety of their castle towers.

In Battle Bows, your ultimate objective is to defend your castle heart against relentless waves of malevolent balloons, each wave more challenging than the last. However, the stakes are raised even higher as colossal bosses emerge, presenting formidable challenges that demand strategic thinking and precise marksmanship. A single well-aimed shot may not suffice to conquer these mighty foes.

The game provides a diverse array of magical arrows at your disposal, each imbued with unique elemental properties such as fire, ice, lightning, and poison. Deploying these arrows strategically is crucial to overcome your enemies effectively. Battle Bows combines the elements of VR shooting and tower defense gameplay, offering a thrilling experience that will test your reflexes and decision-making skills.

But Battle Bows is not just about surviving; it’s also about achieving greatness and climbing the leaderboards. By executing expert shots from considerable distances or targeting elusive weak spots, players can earn substantial points and establish themselves as masters of the bow. Precision and skill are key to maximizing your score and cementing your name among the top-ranking players.

For those yearning for cooperative gameplay and the camaraderie of friends, Battle Bows offers online co-op functionality for up to four players. Join forces with your comrades and tackle level-based challenges that demand seamless teamwork, coordination, and effective communication. The satisfaction of devising strategies together and executing them flawlessly is unparalleled.

Furthermore, Battle Bows features an immersive Endless Mode that receives regular seasonal updates, ensuring the gameplay remains fresh and enticing for dedicated archers. Engage in this infinite challenge, test your endurance, and strive for ever-greater accomplishments as you aim for the highest scores.

Mark your calendars, as Battle Bows is scheduled to be released on Thursday, July 13, 2023, and will be available for both Meta Quest 2 and SteamVR platforms. Prepare yourself to embark on an exhilarating VR adventure that combines the thrill of shooting with the strategic depth of tower defense, all within a captivating fantasy world. Get ready to grab your bow, don your virtual armor, and become the hero your castle deserves.

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